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Pre-Engineered Buildings

Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEBs) are the latest trend in India. A PEB is a metal building that consists of light gauge metal standing seam roof panels on steel purlins spanning between rigid frames with light gauge metal wall cladding. They drastically reduce construction time. Maintenance is also extremely low. PEBs optimally utilise resources, and leverage technology to the maximum. PEBs have gained a global reputation for durability and water/earthquake resistance. PEBs are tremendously versatile they are easy to set-up, expand, modify, and transport.

They are environment friendly and can be aesthetically designed with unique features. An estimated 20-30% can be saved on cost, as compared to conventional building methods.

PEBs can be delivered to a site in just 5 to 8 weeks - conventional steel structures take as much as 20 to 25 weeks to complete. The unique techniques employed during fabrication help PEBs be up to 30% lighter than regular steel products. No welding or fabrication is required at the construction site; resulting in greater speed and efficiency.

Product Categories
  • Built-up I section to make primary structural framing members (columns and rafters)
  • Cold-formed Z and C sections to make secondary structural members (roof purlins, eaves and wall girts)
  • Roll formed profiled sheeting (roof and wall panels)
  • Optional sub-systems which includes mezzanine floors, crane runway beams, roof platforms, catwalks, etc.
Product Categories
  • Very economical
  • Quick delivery with express installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Wide spans and high eave heights
  • Design and architectural flexibility
  • High quality
  • Easy to expand
  • Single source responsibility
  • Fast quotation along with proposal renderings
  • Environment friendly
  • Energy efficient
  • Water and earthquake resistant
Typical Pre-Engineered Building

Our pre-engineered structures are made of primary and secondary members.


All these members are manufactured using high-strength grade plates, which are cut to the required size and shape.

  • Intermediate Frames
  • End Wall Frames
  • Wind Bracing
  • Crane Brackets
  • Clear Span Sketch
  • Beam Column Sketch
  • Multi Gable Sketch
  • T-Canopy Sketch
  • L-Canopy Sketch
  • Cantilevered Fascia Sketch
  • Roof Monitor Sketch
Building Secondary Framing Systems

Consist of Purlins, Eave Struts, Side Runners, Fascia, Channels, Door Posts, Window Posts, Rafter Stays, Column Stays and Base Angles. Cold-formed Z and C shaped structural members are cold roll formed light gauge, and can be custom made as per requirement.

They consist of roof purlins, eave struts and girts.

  • Roof Purlins, Wall Girts and Eave Struts
  • Roof and Wall Cladding Systems
  • Roof Insulation and Wall Cladding
  • Cranes and Mezzanines
  • Eaves and Gable Detailing
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