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With the business of Engineering and Fabrication getting tougher and demanding, more streamlining of operations is essential. No serious enterprise can afford to loose time or compromise on quality. The pressure to keep costs down to a bare minimum is also immense.. In this scenario, there is a distinct need to partner with a reliable service provider to deliver CNC Profile Cutting Services that maximize quality and delivery processes, while minimizing costs and risks of time and quality slippages.
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  CNC Profile Cutting Services from Global Steel Company  
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Global Oxy-fuel CNC profile cutting line is Optimized cutting productivity due to a high level of automation.
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Easy set-up and operation ensures quality components - quickly and economically. The combination of oxy-fuel and plasma cutting processes cover all commonly occurring materials and tasks.
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It is completely geared to meet the rigors of your project and service requests.
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It is equipped width of 4 meters and length of 16 meters. It is also fully capable of handling all sizes of plates manufactured in India. This highly precise machine can cut of Hot Rolled plates, Stainless Steel & Aluminum all thickness with Highest Level of accuracy.
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This state-of-the-art machine is equipped with software to optimize the use of steel and reduce wastage to a bare minimum.
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Global Steel in-house team is experienced in handling the software & can also convert your drawings submitted to us in hard copy into an Auto cad output. Jobs can be taken up on turnkey basis or job work.
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Global Steel Company also offers profiled material to its clients, helping your project to reduce wastage and increase productivity, significantly.
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Key Advantages spacer Applications
used cnc plasma cutter hyderabad india, plasma cutting table hyderabad india Ability to cut 0.5 mm to 300 mm of Thickness.
arrow Double cutting torches to increase productivity.
arrow Nesting software to reduce wastage and optimize the use of material.
arrow CNC operation for maximum accuracy.
arrow Reduced down time on factory shop floor.
arrow Ready availability of steel which is added advantage of buying from Global Steel Company.
arrow Team ready for 24 hrs operation.
arrow State-of-the-art infrastructure facility.
arrow Just in time delivery
arrow Dedicated fleet of Trucks and Trailers.
arrow Pre-Engineered Building systems.
arrow Transformer Manufacturing.
arrow Telecom Tower Division.
arrow Pharmaceutical Sector.
arrow Crane Manufacturing.
arrow Rig Manufacturing.
arrow Automobile Sector.
arrow Engineering Sector.
arrow Fabrication Sector.
arrow Power Plant.
arrow Steel Plant.
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