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Road Over Bridges

The rapid rate of road and railways development in recent years has resulted in a massive necessity for Road Over Bridges (ROB) and Road Under Bridges (RUB). However, these structures would deter traffic on road or rail if conventional methods of construction are used. The use of steel girders saves an enormous amount of time, effort and resources. GSC has the prowess to fabricate and produce 20,000 MT of steel per annum at our sprawling 60,000 Sft. plant. The plant is fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and an excellent team to run it.

Global Steel Company fabricates composite steel girders from hot-dip galvanized and hot rolled structural steel. In order to fulfil the demands of discerning clients, we offer a wide range of Mild Steel plates, angles and channels that are precision engineered using a streamlined manufacturing process. Available in a variety of grades, these MS materials are known for their rust resistance and long lasting features. These grades and material are customised on the basis of our clients' requirements in our world class facility.

  • Fabrication can be done in a work shop
  • No temporary staging or speed restriction
  • Light weight and hence easier, faster and safer to launch
  • Super fast construction
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Steel girders can be reused or sold
Rob/Rub and Railways
GSC specialises in the fabrication and erection of Composite Steel Girders for ROBs and RUBs as per specifications set by the Indian Railways. The various sectors of the Indian Railways are now coming together to make way for a more effective structure. The new structure would standardise span arrangement and design for steel composite girders to reduce time and effort.
Rob/Rub Portfolio - South/East Central Railway
Lingampally ROB (6 spans) 29.9mts span
Perecherla, Guntur Dist. ROB (6 spans) 37mts span
Mahboobnagar ROB (6 spans) 26.1mts span
Madhira, Khammam Dist. ROB (12 spans) 30.4mts span
Bona Kalu, Khammam Dist. ROB (6 spans) 28.7mts span
Yerrupalem, Khammam Dist. ROB (6 spans) 28.1mts span
Tuni, East Godavari Dist. ROB (6 spans) 35.6mts span
Palakollu, West Godavari Dist. ROB (6 spans) 34.8mts span
Bellampally, Adilabad Dist. ROB (6 spans) 34.8mts span
Renigunta Tiruapathi ROB (12spans) 35.2mts span (48spans) 33.9mts span
Perecherla, Guntur Dist. ROB (6 spans) 44.9mts span
Kadapa RUB (2spans) 30.5mts span
Jammikunta ROB (6spans) 30.2mts span
Ponduru, Srikakulam Dist. ROB (6 spans) 36.9mts span
Palasa, Srikakulam Dist. ROB (12 spans) 36.9mts span
Plant Infrastructure
  • CNC plasma cutting machine
  • Saw machine
  • Welding manipulator
  • Arc welding machines
  • Pug machines
  • MIG CO2 welding machines
  • End milling machine
  • Shear connector welding machines
  • Hydraulic presses
  • 4 EOT cranes in 2 bays (15T capacity each)
  • Shot blasting booth
  • Metalising facility
  • Painting booth
Various sizes of composite steel girders fabricated by GSC
  • Flange 140 mm to 1,200 mm, Thickness 6 mm to 80 mm
  • Web 180 mm To 3,000 mm, Thickness 6 mm to 60 mm
  • Maximum Length 20 metres
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